James Nordlund


Financial Economist
Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University
Director of Graduate Studies, Finance Ph.D. Program

james nordlund.ai

Current Courses

Financial Modeling and Analytics Using Python

Lecture notes for this course are currently being migrated over to my new teaching website learning-fin.tech. The site also hosts documentation for the ether_real_estate package that I wrote for teaching blockchain technology via an investment simulation game (the package is available on PyPI).

Work related to this course has earned two university grants:

  1. A $21,000 grant to purchase a 64-core, 256GB RAM server for advanced instruction in computational finance
  2. A $50,000 grant to purchase interactive instructional hardware (e.g. smart whiteboards) for enhanced opportunities for student engagement

The faculty voted to require this course for all finance majors after one year of my teaching the course as an elective topic.

Corporate Finance Theory

Fall 2021 (previously: Fall 2017-2020)

PhD Level

Previous Courses and Guest Lectures





Introduction to Python for Academic Research

Web Scraping and Textual Analysis